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Replaced old phone now can't activate


Replaced old phone now can't activate

I recently lost my iPhone3 and made an insurance claim and received a new iPhone 4s (thanks AT&T!). However for some reason I can't get it to activate. I tried to hard shutoff and still get "no service" and when i followed the prompts when I first turned the phone on it seemed to have no problem but It says "no service". I read somewhere I might need to update my sim card so I tried to do that online and it said I didn't need to. I'd like to be able to do this online somehow because this is the only phone I have...and it's not I can't make any calls unless I go to a friends house. Please help!
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Re: Replaced old phone now can't activate


Perhaps that would lead to success? Or you could always call via a google voice account Smiley Happy

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