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Removing games...


Removing games...

Hi all.

I have several games on my phone that I've dl'ed over time, but some I don't play anymore and don't particularly want tacked to my monthly bill anymore. I've tried getting rid of them but to no avail. When I choose the game and go to 'modify subscription', I just get a blank screen (this is on my phone).

Is there a way to do this online (as in, on a computer, not on the phone)? I looked around the site but didn't see anything. Saw lots of options to pay my bill! just nothing that would cause them to LOSE any money.

Thanx for any help! Smiley Happy
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Re: Removing games...

You can go to and cancel the subscriptions there.  If you dont see them listed there, you can call customer service and see if they can get them cancelled for you.

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