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Remove SIM Before Selling?


Remove SIM Before Selling?

I'm going to eBay a 3GS that has become redundant.  I know how to wipe it but I am wondering if I should also remove the SIM card before selling it....or does the buyer reasonably expect it to come with a (deactivated) SIM card in the phone?


I'm guessing I should remove it before shipping it but I thought I had best get a second, third and/or fourth opinion.



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Re: Remove SIM Before Selling?

restore it back  factory settings. make sure everything you had in the Iphone is deleted remove the Sim then sell it.

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Re: Remove SIM Before Selling?

Do the "erase all personal settings" option, make sure you do that! And yes, the new buyer has absolutely no need for your SIM card. All that does it tie the phone to your account. Its useless for them, just take it out.


I've sold many phones on Ebay, I take my SIM cards out of all of them.

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