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Remember The Milk Notifications


Remember The Milk Notifications

I'm trying to get event notifications in SMS from my Remember the Milk account, but they don't come through. This is what their site has to say on the matter:

We use email-to-SMS services to send reminders (see the list of supported networks).
Some mobile providers require you to activate an email-to-SMS service with them before this will work. If you're using a supported network and not receiving reminders, please contact your provider and ask if you need to activate the email-to-SMS service for your account.
If you need to whitelist our reminder email address with your provider, it's for SMS reminders.

Since the network is supported, I was wondering how I go about setting this up. Is this something I would need to add to my plan and therefore cost me, or is just something I need to configure?
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Re: Remember The Milk Notifications

I'd give CS (611) a call from your mobile phone and ask them.
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Re: Remember The Milk Notifications

If their site gives you the option to send it to an e-mail address, you could send it to unless you disabled SMS messaging on your account. If you're not having issues with receiving SMS messages from other sources, you may want to post your question on the Remember The Milk Forums.
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