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Relocating to the US with unlocked iPhone


Relocating to the US with unlocked iPhone

Hi everyone, I am posting here as I cannot find an answer to my question online. I will be relocating to Washington, DC from Singapore, so I want to use my iPhone 4 in the US and I'm looking at becoming an AT&T customer. My iPhone is already unlocked, as Singapore's regulations do not allow telcos to lock phones to their network. As such, I will only need to get a plan/number with AT&T without a device. Is this possible? I could not find any information on the AT&T website about signing up for a plan without buying a device as well.


In addition, because I have not lived in the US, I do not have a credit history and it will take me at least a few weeks to a month to apply for a social security number. I will have a job in the US, and I have an offer letter verifying my employment. Will I still have to put down a $500 deposit since I will have no social security number at the start? Can this be refunded later on after I obtain my number? Thank you,

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Re: Relocating to the US with unlocked iPhone

You will be able to activate your iPhone and you will NOT need to sign a contract since you have your own hardware. They may try to get you to sign one but it is not necessary. You do not want to get committed to something that has an ETF that can be quite large. Save that contract until a time you want to buy a new iPhone at a discounted price. Keep in mind that in the USA right now, any iPhone purchased at a discount of any type is not capable of being unlocked like it is in Singapore. The Apple stores here do sell a version of the iPhone that is unlocked.

As for the deposit, you will probably need one. As for the amount, it could be more or less than $500.

Good Luck!

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