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Registration Link Down


Registration Link Down

I have been trying to get my MicroCell registered and operating, but when I try to get registered, the screen says they are having technical difficulties - try later.  This has been going on for two days now!

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Re: Registration Link Down

I can get into the user management page to see the setup of my Microcell. Either they fixed it or you are having some non-systemic problem.
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Re: Registration Link Down

I'm having the same problem - since 6/30 as well.  My management page says "Activation Error" - call AT&T.  Have a case number that indicates nothing will be done until 7/5,  Was also told problem similar to what happened last weekend when the registration/activation system went down.

Is this common????

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Re: Registration Link Down

I have had this same problem (website temporarily unavailable) since June 24, and still has not been resolved.  Each time someone calls me to work on this, they say they are escalating the service order, and that I will get a call back within 3 days.  I just finished another service call 5 minutes ago, the the rep got the same error message.


My sister lives down the street from me and activated her microcell on June 25 with no problems at all.


This problem is very frustrating!

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Re: Registration Link Down, now success!

If anyone is following this thread, I'll report that Network Support called and was able to activate my Microcell today!!  He said the web problem had been repaired!

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