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Regional 3g disconnects


Regional 3g disconnects

Ok, this is my first post here. I'm here because it seems that in Abilene, TX frequent disconnects have become an issue on the 3g spectrum. On my galaxy note, the 4g works well, but when I bump it down to 3g it experiences a disconnect about every 6 seconds. This is only really a bother when loading a video as some sites won't start loading it again. I thought this might be an isolated issue on my account or radio, so I tried it out on my father's iPhone 4s with the same issue, I tested this on numerous devices I have laying around, an international Nokia Lumia 800, an international HTC titan, and and an international Nokia N9. The n9 had the same issue when torrenting as well, I don't go near any viable data cap, I just want to know what's wrong with the regional 3g, a windows phone won't even be able to load a YouTube video. Any help?
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