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Refurbished Ipone 4's


Refurbished Ipone 4's

Has anyone purchased refurbished iphones before?  What was your experience. i am thinking about the refurb iphone 4.

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Re: Refurbished Ipone 4's

Apple has a great refurbishment program.  Every refurb I've received (purchased or warranty replacement) has looked flawless.


The only difference between the refubished and the new is going to be the warranty you will receive.


New offers a one year warranty from the date of purchase.


Refurbished devices that are purchased are only guaranteed 90 days minimum warranty (although the way Apples warranty program works it could be a little longer).  


And with either new or refurbished you should be able to purchase an Apple Care warranty if you feel you want to extend it for a year (but has to be done before the warranty expires).

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Re: Refurbished Ipone 4's

Thanks- I knew about the warranty but didn't know anyone who had purchased an iphone4 refurb. Thanks for your help.

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Re: Refurbished Ipone 4's

Thankas for your reply.  Do you know if the 4G is that much faster than a 3GS?  IS there much difference? thx

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Re: Refurbished Ipone 4's

Yes I find the iPhone 4 to be faster and more responsive than my 3GS.  There are also other difference the the iPhone 4 has the the others do not.

Higher resolution screen w/ Retina display


Higher resolution camera

LED flash/light

HD video recording

Front facing camera


5.8Mbps HSUPA

Three-axis gyro

Dual mic noise suppression

Longer battery life

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