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Received text messsage from a "blocked" number


Received text messsage from a "blocked" number

Can someone help me understand how I can still received text messages from a blocked number?   I have smart limits set up to block this number, but a text message came through today. Please help.

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Re: Received text message from a "blocked" number

I have found this as well, especially picture messaging.  But what is frustrating is that the message is not recorded online as being sent. And since I have a teen that is very reluctant to allow anyone else touch the phone I can't verify the phone # to make sure that it is the same one that is being blocked.

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Re: Received text messsage from a "blocked" number

I'm not sure why this would be happening. Can you please call AT&T Customer Care to troubleshoot this issue? Their number is 888-333-6651 or dial 611 from your wireless device.

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Re: Received text messsage from a "blocked" number


 that's because multimedia messages (pictures) can't be blocked, which is such [word filter avoidance] because I pay to have a number blocked and the person can just send a picture and add a message to it, I got 52 sent to me like that in an hour and a half last night, from a blocked number, that I paid to have blocked, THANKS AT&T!!! 

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