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Real-world Edge performance


Re: Real-world Edge performance

I installed ATT communication manager 6.7.  This application always starts minimized.  I have no idea why.  Yes, I've unchecked that box.  The old one always did that too.  This can't be fixed???

Speakeasy speed test results (down, up):
8:30am 176, 294
8:40am  26, 479 (that's right, 26 down)
8:50 am  Test can't be prepared - timed out or too slow to measure
9:00am    68,344

You can see my problem. 

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Re: Real-world Edge performance

I have seriously been considering reading the fine print on the service contract and deciding if I have any recourse against ATT for this poor service.
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Re: Real-world Edge performance

I brought my laptop to Tunkhannock, PA. The signal is great (-63), I have an "E" on my phone, the tower is within 1/2 mile, speeds are 42 down, 21 up. I went to the local store. They had no solution other than bring my laptop in and let them try some stuff. I get the feeling that they might know what the problem is but can't tell me because they will get in trouble. It seems so simple to me...I'm close to the tower, it supposed to have EDGE, great reception, but no speed? Does anyone know the reason for the slow EDGE speeds?
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Re: Real-world Edge performance

finally..someone else with problems!  Maybe we can get a class-action suit going.  It's ridiculous.
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Re: Real-world Edge performance

I am not to the bottom of my speed problem but when I called ATT tech they said that the closest tower was 25 miles away. I said "no, I'm looking at it 1/3 mile away. The lady was adamant that no tower was nearby. I said I had full bars a -63 signal, etc. She finally got with someone else and then said "That's not our tower, that's a Cell1". Today I went to the store and the lady there said the same thing. I am going back to the store at 2 PM to talk to the tech guy. My question is still...You coverage map shows that my speed should be 75 to 130. Why am I not getting these speeds?
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Re: Real-world Edge performance

Good for you bj... keep after them.
I have finally given up and got Verizon service with a USB card.  i'm getting broadband in the same location ATT is Edge,  and not at the advertised speeds.  So far V is every bit as fast as my land fiber line.  No kidding.
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