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Re: Upgrade Date Changed


Re: Upgrade Date Changed

Recently checked my upgrade data and noticed it also changed without any prior notice. Would really like to talk to someone about fixing this.

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Re: Upgrade Date Changed

vpt976 wrote:

Recently checked my upgrade data and noticed it also changed without any prior notice. Would really like to talk to someone about fixing this.

Things like changes to your account or lapsed billing can result in an adjustment of your eligibility date. If you haven't made any changes or had billing concerns, there may be another reason at play. If you'll please send me a private message with your name, account number, phone number and the best time to contact you; I will have a member of our team give you a call to review your account. 

To send a private message, you can either click on the link in this message or click on the little blue envelope in the upper right hand corner, click "compose new message" and type my username in the "Send To" field.


As of May 1st, I am no longer serving as the Community Manager for AT&T. This account will no longer be able to accept private messages.

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Re: Upgrade Date Changed

I too, just noticed that my upgrade date has changed. I pre-ordered the 4s from Apple knowing that my date for upgrade elgibility was mid Dec. 2011. I wasn't going to wait 3 months to get the new iPhone 4s. So, I purchased the 4s 64g at full price. After snooping around my online account (yesterday) I found my next upgrade elgibility date had been moved forward to 5/8/13.  I paid full price for my iphone 4s, when I could have waited three months and purchased it at half the price! My plan has not changed. My payment is auto to my AMX card and never late.


Here's the kicker.  I pulled out the receipt for my previous iPhone 4 and discovered that I had purchased it from a private seller on eBay (15 months earlier) and still, my next future upgrade date was moved forward. What kind of game are you guys playing? I was in an At&t store on different business the other day and mentioned it to a customer/sales rep and he said, he sees it happen all of the time. He offered to help me out, but I was on my way to a meeting.


So, here we are. Me paying full price for the new iphone every year and At&t is playing games.


Talk to me. I'm getting angry enough to cancel you guys straight up.

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Re: Upgrade Date Changed

I am in the same boat. I added messaging plan so my eligibility date for 'full discount rate' was changed from Feb 2012 to May, 2012. May be this is a clear message from AT&T that they dont want more revenue from their customers and customers try to give more revenue, they will let their customers suffer.


This is ridiculous. 

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