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Re: Bugs, Logic Errors and Frustration with Pantech PC Sync Software


Re: Bugs, Logic Errors and Frustration with Pantech PC Sync Software

Hi all,

   I was wondering if anyone else has been having any of the same problems with their phone syncing software. Since I'm stingy, I am trying to use my "dumb" phone to sync my phone calendar with my Google calendar as well as contacts. Unfortunately, the pantech software only Syncs with Microsoft outlook through some sort of voodoo magic. While I've worked around this to get Google to communicate with outlook, here are some problems that I'm having with the "PC Sync" app within the Pantech suite:


Contacts sync DOES NOT integrate smoothly with outlook. While I recognize that there are many more fields in outlook that are much more customizable than on my phone's OS, the basics: First name, Last name, Phone numbers, E-mails, do not sync up properly. Instead I see a bunch of empty fields with random phone numbers next to one or two populated field e-mail addresses. I've tried changing around the sync settings but I can't seem to get it to transition smoothly without making duplicates or killing my contacts. I'm not sure if there's just a specific way that I have to set everything or what.


Calendar sync, where my main grief is directed CANNOT HANDLE recurring events, "Private Events" or duplicate named events when pushed from outlook to my phone. I've tried to put my class times and appointments on there as well as due dates, but it will copy only the unique, non-recurring items. Even worse, if I have an "all day event" (e.g.. Mom's Birthday), the phone will not be able to display ANY other events for that day pushed from my computer and (Mom's Birthday) will literally eat up the entire day's listing. I'm not sure it can even do conflicts. Seriously Pantech? My Motorola Razor back in 2007 ran better than this.


What I would ideally like to do is this:

- Merge ALL contact info (e-mail, names and phone numbers) between my phone and outlook to create a backup/ duplicate record on both my computer and phone WITHOUT creating additional duplicate entries on either device (e.g.. Don't list my home phone number twice under two duplicate entries in my phone)


- Push ALL calendar events (INCLUDING CONCURRENT EVENTS AND CONFLICTS) from my computer to my phone without having to worry about whether some were copied or not, were named the same name on different dates, or whether they conflict.


-Display in a logical, chronological fashion, all of the scheduled items for a day or week, regardless of the order that they were added or pushed (There does not seem to be any way to control sorting of any items on this phone).



Since I can only dream of phones with fully customizable GUIs and customizable simple features and defaults, or perhaps a standardized, open source GUI (java anyone?), please let me know if anyone out there has figured out how to fix these problems.


My current settings on the "PC SYNC" are as follows:


Contacts: Slow Sync (Merge items in phone and PC)

Calendar: Refresh from PC (Clear all items from phone and import items from PC)


Also, I have a Pantech Ease (P2020), but I think that this PC Suite platform is relevant for several models of Pantech Phones.


Thanks for all of you who read the pertinent points in my post.



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