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Rate Plans for GoPhone


Rate Plans for GoPhone

My GoPhone Rate Plan was supposed to renew today. So I added money to cover it. It never renewed and now I am being charged for everything and of course I cannot get any real people to talk to about this. I am very mad about this. My account is going to renew at some point in time and I do not have enough money in my account to cover it. So I got screwed. Someone please be a real person and help me. I cannot buy more minutes for my phone for the next couple of weeks. If ATT does not fix this problem I will be changing companys for myself, my son, and any family members who go through ATT. Then I will go to the Better Business Bureau.

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Re: Rate Plans for GoPhone

Which rate plan are you using? The $25, $50, or old $60/monthly plan?

I would contact customer service about this situation. Dial 611 from your phone (it's free) and when you approach the main menu for the automated system, respond "more options" to the voice prompts. After that, respond "customer service". You will be connected to a live representative that will hopefully be able to help you and explain why your rate plan did not renew within a few minutes/hours.

Good luck!

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