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RMA issues

RMA issues

Hi, so on the 8th of june i ordered a replacement phone for my atrix. Everything was fine and the new phone came. I packed everything up and i went to the post office to ship it back out on the 14th. I keep getting text messages from at&t that i have not returned my device. It has been 4 business days since i shipped the broken phone out and at&t should of received it by now and i am getting worried that they will charge me $500. Does anybody know how long it usually takes for the defective phones to ship back? Or how long at&t takes to realize they actually have my defective phone? Thank you!

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Re: RMA issues

My last return took 4 days from my dropoff til i got a message saying they had received it.

Hopefully you kept a copy of the RMA tracking number, so you can track it. If not, you have to accept their word whether it got here or not.

Always, and i mean ALWAYS, keep copies of all orders, shipping documents, return paperwork, and invoices.

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