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RANDOM $2 Data charge


RANDOM $2 Data charge

I have a family plan with 700 minutes a month and unlimited MMS/ text messaging with unlimited mobile to any mobile. One of the phones is a basic Samsung phone that has been accruing data charges randomly. It hasn't been consistent though- this months bill does not reflect a pay per use data charge. However, for the past 18 months or so there has been a data charge on the basic phone line. There has NEVER been an accidental "hitting of the Internet button" as the numerous customer service reps I spoke to suggested. I was also told by numerous reps that the charges were for picture messages BUT how can that be when we have an UNLIMITED MMS/ TEXT MESSAGE plan???? After calling for a handful of months about the charges, the reps eventually denied me of any credits toward my bill. (WHAT?) and I was told to either block data or get a basic phone data plan (I REFUSE TO DO EITHER!)

So today I called a rep with proof. I pulled up last months bill and asked about the time stamped "data usage" that occurred. They occurred at random times in the middle of the night when the phone would either be off or charging. OBVIOUSLY, there could not have been an accident hitting of the Internet button nor was it from picture messages (since this month there were no charges, and there was sending/ receiving of picture messages)

I had to literally ( and nicely) tell the rep that she was not resolving my issues near the end of the phone call (especially since she asked me if she was). She finally credited my bill $4 for two months worth of charges BUT as far as I'm concerned, AT&T OWES ME FOR NUMEROUS CHARGES THAT OCCURED OVER THE PAST YEAR.

AT&T has the nerve to deny crediting of my account for charges that I am able to prove are not my responsibility. AT&T: you LIMITED my "Unlimited" data plan and now you won't serve the customer who has patronized your business for almost 4 years. Please, AT&T you must take care of this. This is obviously an ongoing problem with hundreds if not thousands of people.
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Re: RANDOM $2 Data charge

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