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Question regarding lost phone and text messages/voicemails


Question regarding lost phone and text messages/voicemails



So my friend lost her cell phone yesterday (SIM card included) and there is no way to retrieve it.  She is in the process of getting a new phone, but she wants to know if she'll be able to receieve the text messages and/or voicemails she receieved during the period between losing her old phone and activating her new one.


Does anyone know?

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Re: Question regarding lost phone and text messages/voicemails

Voicemails yes.  Those should still be on the server.  She can even access those right now without her cell phone:

Access voicemail from a landline phone

  1. Place a call to the wireless number and do not answer.
  2. Interrupt the greeting by pressing the star key (*).
  3. When prompted, enter voicemail password. (The default/temporary password is the 7 digit wireless number--no area code.)


Text messages: 

Most likely no.  If her SIM card was not deactivated the text message would have been received by the phone; there would be no way to retrieve it as its no longer on ATTs servers.  


However if she called ATT and reported the phone lost/stolen and had the old SIM deactivated; after that time all the messages sent to her would still be on ATTs servers as they could not be delivered due to the SIM being deactivated.  When she gets the new SIM card and places it into a phone and the phone registers on the network, the messages in the queue will be delivered.  It also has to be within 72 hours.  Any messages not delivered within 72 hours are deleted.    

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Re: Question regarding lost phone and text messages/voicemails

 Unheard voicemails can be retrieved from any other phone by calling one's own number, interrupting the outgoing greeting by pressing the * key and following the prompts.


 My bad. Just saw that Ed included that as well in his response.

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