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Question about sim cards....


Question about sim cards....

I currently have the HTC Inspire 4g. I previously had an iPhone 3gs 16g. 

I hate my Inspire with a passion. It freezes and forcloses a lot and doesn't always read my finger.

My question is, if I repair my screen on my iPhone and it works, can I get another sim card for it? My sim card in this Inspire 4g will only work in a 4g phone...

Please help!

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Re: Question about sim cards....

your SIM card will work in either phone. it's not only for 4G phones, matter of fact the current HSPA+ 4G phones don't require a new SIM card at all the newest SIM cards (9th and 10th digits read 25) are updated to handle LTE phones.

long story short, your SIM will work in your iPhone as well
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