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Question about iPhone


Question about iPhone

Okay so I have a blackberry right now and I'm looking to switch to an iphone 4 but i am not eligible for yet. But my mom is eligible. What i decided was that she could upgrade her line to the Iphone 4 and we can trade phone (I would get the iphone, she would get the bb). but then i found out that iphone 4 uses a micro sim which means i would have to get a new one. Can this still work???


ps.( im away at college right now, and she is in NY, so would i have to mail her my sim card as well??)


Thank in advance

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Re: Question about iPhone

It can be done, but most likely you'll both need new SIM cards. This will have to be done by a corporate store most likely.

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Re: Question about iPhone

Can I bring the iphone that she mails to me to the ATT store on campus does it have to all be in the same ATT store. Can I just go to the campus ATT and say I got a iphone but my sim card doesn't fit and they'll do the rest??

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Re: Question about iPhone

Just tell them what you are doing.  They won't care.  You may want to be together so that your Mom will not be without a cell phone during the swap.


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