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Question about adding a line..


Question about adding a line..

Alright, so I have a 2-line family plan right now with one iPhone and one RAZR2 with 550 minutes shared between me and my mom. We pay $108 after tax..


My sister has an individual plan on T-Mobile and her contract ends on March 1st. So I wanted to add her onto our 2-line plan and port her number. But do I add her on March 1st or after? I do not want to be charged an ETF from T-mobile.


Also since a new line makes me extend my contract, can I get a new phone out of it for the new line? Either Free or a discounted one?

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Re: Question about adding a line..

Not sure about T-Mobile but with ATT you can cancel on the last day of the contract.  If your unsure call T-Mobile and as them their policy.


When you port your sisters number you can get a phone at the discounted price if you accept a 2 year contract for that line. 


If you already have a phone she can use, or purchase one at full price, or from a third party she can start service without having to sign a 2-year contract.


Also remember there can be other fees depending on the type of phone.  Smartphones, iPhones and Blackberry devices require at least a $30 month data plan.  Quick Message and Consumer Touch devices (QMD) require at least a $20 month message or message/data combo.

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Re: Question about adding a line..

Wel she has a blackberry, but I obviously won't tell them that when I add her. Im gonna just show them some cheap phone, get the AT&T sim card and pop it into my sister's blackberry without telling them. Its a T-mobile blackberry too, so there is no way for them to know.. It'll just say Unknown Device on the AT&T account.


and I just spoke with T-mobile, the agent told me that I can cancel after the last day of the contract and there is no ETF.

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Re: Question about adding a line..

Is the blackberry unlocked? If it hasn't been unlocked from the T-Mobile service, it cannot be used on at&t.

If it is unlocked, there is no guarantee that AT&T won't be able to tell (at least at sometime)

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Re: Question about adding a line..

oh and its not going to extend the contract on your two lines that you currently have, you will only get a contract on the new line if she gets a new phone at the discounted pricing.


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Re: Question about adding a line..

Also, be sure not to cancel Tmobile service before porting the number.  Once service is discontinued, the number can not be ported. 
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