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Question about Data Plans


Question about Data Plans


I have a pretty simple ( or at least I think ) question about internet on your phone. I'm pretty new to having a smartphone with internet 

I'm currently on a 200 mb data with an iPhone 4 with at&t. That costs $15/month

What can I do with that? How much is 200 mb data?

Another higher option is 2 gb data for $10 more, how much of a difference is that?

What I would use the internet on the phone for:

Msn Messenger 
Checking E-Mails
Browsing the web

Randomly using apps

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Re: Question about Data Plans

You can use this data calculator to get an estimate of your monthly usage. 


Caveats to keep in mind:


MSN Messenger- picture messages will use more data than text

Checking emails - downloading attached files and pictures will use more data than just reading the email

Randomly using apps - data usage will vary by the particular app.  Some apps are data intensive.  Others require no data at all.  Some apps are little more than mobile friendly web pages; these can use data just like you would if you were using the Safari app.


The 2GB data plan is 10 times (rounded) as much data as the 200 MB plan.  I'm not sure if this is what you were asking, though.

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Re: Question about Data Plans

Really depends on your usage. If you still aren't sure how much data you will use after looking at AT&T's data tool, I would recommend that you start with the $25/2GB data plan. You can always lower your plan at any time if you find that you are only using 200MB per month or less.
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Re: Question about Data Plans

When using the Calculator, would I assume that Msn Messenger would count the same as sending/receiving e-mails? Or would it take up more? I wouldn't be sending pictures or receiving them via msn

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