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Q RE upgrading to new iphone


Q RE upgrading to new iphone

Hi there,


I bought an iphone 3GS in an ATT&T store in January of 2010, and was told by the rep that when my contract was expired I could 're-up' the contract and get a new iphone at the discounted price. I just logged on and the site is telling me I have to wait until November 26 of 2012!


Why would I not just switch carriers? I really don't get this... other companies are offering a new phone with contract but ATT&T is saying I have to wait 9 more months? Am i missing something?

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Re: Q RE upgrading to new iphone

Several things can cause your upgrade to be pushed back. Changes to your plan or late payments are two big ones. Try calling to find out what's going on.

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Re: Q RE upgrading to new iphone

You're missing the fact that all cell phone carriers will give you a new phone at a discount price to switch carriers because they want to get your business away from your current company. However, once you switch, you get locked into a contract just like with AT&T and face the same situation.

Typical AT&T upgrade is offered at 20 months into a 24 month contract, so the latter part of 2012 sounds right. Why it's November 2012 instead of October 2012, you would have to ask AT&T as Max69 said.
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Re: Q RE upgrading to new iphone

wow the op have wait 33 months to get a discount for a new phone. This is crazy,

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