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Purchasing Samsung Focus Online


Purchasing Samsung Focus Online

Has anyone on here obtained their Focus from  Any issues with keeping existing plan (family plan) and addons when getting the phone this way?  I want to keep my unlimited data plan when I upgrade so don't want to take any chances of messing things up...if you know what I mean.

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Re: Purchasing Samsung Focus Online

I just purchased the captivate from amazon wireless. It was a penny and the only thing I had to change was my data plan. Then AT&T said I should be able to keep my unlimited data since I've been with them for so long
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Re: Purchasing Samsung Focus Online

I have had my unlimited data plan since early 2007 and have been an ATT/Cingular customer since the early 1990's.  I have always went into the local store to get phones but with the Amazon pricing its hard to pass up.  I currently have a family plan with three phones and the unlimited data plan on my smartphone, the other two phones are not smart phones.  As I said I just want to make sure and not mess anything up with my service.  I don't see a way to continue my 'unlimited' data plan at when ordering the phone?  My price comes up as $49.99 which is still better than the $199.99 at the local store.  Looks like a 1 to 2 week backorder on the Focus as well. Smiley Sad

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Re: Purchasing Samsung Focus Online

I'll find out Monday if AT&T gives me a hard time. That's when I get my phone
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Re: Purchasing Samsung Focus Online

I talked with cust serv at amazonwireless the other day. They said there was no workaround, ya have to sign up for new data plan. Then called AT&T, the rep told me i could keep my unlimited indef, BUT if I sign up for one of the other data plans then I lose the unlimited. Kinda of a Catch 22. So I held off, now its a mute point the Focus is up to $199.00 on Amazon today.

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