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Purchased WWAN on my Sony Vaio


Purchased WWAN on my Sony Vaio

I purchased the WWAN on my Sony Vaio with Cingular/ATT.  When I login to my computer, I see a Cingular icon on the top right hand side of my Vista operating system.  When I click on CIngular, it provides me with an option to Power: On or Off.  I click on Power On, and then select the Launch CCM.  A small window with a title of Cingular Communication Manager opens with 4 menu options: File, Connections, Tools, and Help.  On the window itself there is a cingular logo to the left, a searching for network section in the middle and a network with signal strengh section to the right.  The signal strength section indicates a strength of 3-4 bars usually.
How do I use this?  I paid between $100 - $150 to include this feature on my laptop, but haven't been able to use it.  Anyone out there who might be able to help?
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Re: Purchased WWAN on my Sony Vaio

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Re: Purchased WWAN on my Sony Vaio

Excalibur wrote:

From the OPs desription I would say that the SIM has not been activated on the AT&T Network.  Sony handles activations for the Vaios.  Their number is 1 888 739-8246.

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Re: Purchased WWAN on my Sony Vaio

With the nformation provided it is deffinitely hard to interpret the actual cause of the Searching for network.  As the caller has already purchased the integrated module they could have also activated at purchase.  Once again 1-800-331-0500 can establish if the account is activated or not.  If necessary they sure can be directed to the Sony Activations line.  Or CDS can process standard trouble shooting.
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