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Problems with the LG Quantum


Problems with the LG Quantum

Okay, so.. I have had this phone since the beginning of december of 2010 so I have had it for about 6 months, Ive never had any problems with it.. but when the phone died and I went to go charge just keeps turning on and off and it won't stop. i didn't drop it or get it wet..i even checked the water damage sticker thing..and it's still white. I don't know what to do.. HELP PLEASE.

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Re: Problems with the LG Quantum

Make sure your charger is plugged in all the way into the wall/your car/wherever you're charging it from. I remember that happened to me once with my phone and it was because I kept on accidentally unplugging and plugging the charger back in. If that's all good, wait for it to fully charge and then see what happens. If it continues to do this, you may have to take the phone in for a replacement...

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Re: Problems with the LG Quantum

I am having the same problem with my phone repeatedly resetting itself. This has been going on for the past week now and I've had the phone since the end of April. Tonight the battery died and the phone will not stop resetting itself. Any advise?

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Re: Problems with the LG Quantum

Try a different charger is actually sound advice, and well worth a try.

Other that that you can remove and check the SIM card, make sure its not loose or dirty.

Next step would be a hard reset, loose all saved info. Hopefully you updated recently so Zune can restore for you.

Or send it back. It could be a hardware issue.
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