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Problems with Xpress Mail and Yahoo email account on a BlackJack II


Problems with Xpress Mail and Yahoo email account on a BlackJack II

I purchased the BlackJack II burgundy phone a few weeks ago. I'm pleased with the phone but I'm not so happy with Xpress Mail.

I added my Yahoo email account using Xpress Mail. Then I added another email account manually. (I clicked on the New E-mail Account button in the Messaging window. I'm not sure if that is Xpress Mail or just part of Windows Mobile.) The 2nd email account is the account from my DSL provider (Verizon Avenue or VZA).

I could receive email on both the Yahoo and Verizon Avenue accounts, but I couldn't send email. Someone on the forum suggested I change the outgoing server to I changed the setting for the Verizon Avenue acct. Afterward, I was able to send email on that acct. However, I couldn't access the settings for the Yahoo acct.

After a week, I added another email account, which was simply my Yahoo account again. I used the smtp server setting suggested by Yahoo for the outgoing server. I still couldn't send email using Yahoo. I couldn't change the server settings on this Yahoo set-up either. Incoming emails would go to either the Xpress Mail installation or the manual installation, but not both.

I deleted both the Xpress Mail Yahoo acct. and the manually added Yahoo acct. (which actually used the same Yahoo email address). After I turned off the phone and restarted Windows Mobile, both of the Yahoo accounts were gone from the Messaging window. I re-added Yahoo email manually, and I used for the outgoing server. Now I can't receive or send email under the Yahoo account. I tried resetting the outgoing server to the smtp server for Yahoo. I tried changing the incoming server from to Nothing. I changed it back to the recommended Yahoo settings. I still get the error message: "An error occurred while downloading messages. Be certain that you have network coverage and that your account information is correct and then try again."

I have network coverage because I can access CNN and The Weather Channel using the Opera Mobile browser, and I can send and receive email using the Verizon Avenue email account on the phone. I can access the Yahoo account on my desktop computer using the Thunderbird email client. I can also access the Yahoo account using the Webmail page on both my desktop PC and even on the BlackJack II, so I know there isn't a network problem with Yahoo. The only problem is when I try to access the Yahoo account through the email client on the cell phone. Right now I can't send or receive anything with the Yahoo account on the email client.

Anyone have any suggestions? It's been difficult to get to the Support Chats when they are open. I was hoping someone here might have some ideas or tips. If I uninstall Xpress Mail, does that affect the Verizon Avenue email account I set up? Or are manually installed email accounts set up through Windows Mobile and not Xpress Mail? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Problems with Xpress Mail and Yahoo email account on a BlackJack II

You can only setup 1 account with xpressmail on windows mobile device. So the first account you setup will be xpressmail, any account you create after that will be through microsoft pocket outlook. When you setup the 1st yahoo account, use the yahoo icon instead of setting it up manually. Test your send/recieve after that. Let me know if you still have issues. As for the second or third account you setup, that will be pocket outlook.
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Re: Problems with Xpress Mail and Yahoo email account on a BlackJack II

I have a smartphone, not a Pocket PC. Is it still called Pocket Outlook? In any case, even though I deleted the Yahoo email account from the main Messaging window, when I go to Xpress Mail Settings, the Yahoo account name is still there. I don't see any icons for adding a Yahoo account to Xpress Mail anymore, only Yahoo IM (and other IM programs).

I won't have time to look at the problem this weekend but I'll try to sort it out early next week. I also found a post on the official Yahoo Mail blog that confirms that some Yahoo users are experiencing significant delays while trying to send email from their Yahoo accounts using email client software like Outlook or Thunderbird. (I started up a separate thread about that official blog post.) Perhaps this was a Yahoo issue all along.

Since there doesn't seem to be anyway to clear the setting from Xpress Mail, I think it might be better to remove the application completely and then reinstall it. Or maybe not install it at all. My non-Yahoo email account works perfectly fine using the Outlook/Windows Mobile email set-up. Shouldn't a Yahoo account also work with the Outlook/Windows Mobile set-up too?
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Re: Problems with Xpress Mail and Yahoo email account on a BlackJack II

I added the Yahoo account using the regular Outlook Mobile (?) program on the phone, not Xpress Mail. I was finally able to send an email using the Yahoo account and the email client on the BlackJack II, for the first time. Maybe I had the wrong settings before. I checked the SSL boxes this time.

I also received an email announcement from Yahoo Plus Mail, acknowledging problems with outgoing mail sent via external email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird (and presumably Outlook Mobile). If any other Yahoo Plus Mail users are reading this, check your account for the updated recommended SMTP settings. Yahoo claims that they have restructured the "allocation of bandwidth" and upgraded their hardware. Let's hope so.
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