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Problems too


Problems too

 Hello all
 Looks like Im not the only one having problems with the air card the last couple weeks, I was running the 860 card for about a year with no problems till about 2 weeks ago started having major problems so I bought a new 875 card on ebay and its the same thing on 2 different computers. I beginning to think its a AT&T network issue. I had to many problems with AT&T connection manager so switched to sierra watcher and hooked up an 18" antenna,seems to be better about 195K on the edge network but it still freezes up and wont go anywere on the net if your not active for a while " like reading a long forum".
 About 2 weeks ago the tv news said somthing about electrical activity in the skies and would last a few days and that it could mess things up a bit, beginning to think that might be the culprit.
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