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Problems calling a friend who has gophone

Problems calling a friend who has gophone

I have a friend who has a gophone, and he normally has unlimited minutes. He texted me the other day saying he would text again later, he had been sick for a few days and he had to charge his phone that was out in his vehicle. I haven't heard since. When I first called, It would ring and ring until it said that he was "unavailable at this time." THat changed to a few rings and then "caller not accepting calls at this time." NOw it rings twice and then I get a busy signal. What is the problem? Is he out of minutes? Is his phone off? I can't get in contact with him and I'm worried, hoping he's not in the hospital.

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Re: Problems calling a friend who has gophone

You can do nothing unfortunately, only wait for him to resolve the issue. Maybe the phone is turned off or out of battery. If he had the $3.00 Unlimited Minutes plan maybe he ran out of balance; if he had the $60.00 Unlimited minutes and messages, maybe his feature expired and, again, he ran out of balance.


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