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Problems: Switched to unlimited $50 from $60 unltd talk+txt


Problems: Switched to unlimited $50 from $60 unltd talk+txt

I had the unlimited Talk+Txt for $60 for the past few years and just the other day I heard about the option to pick the $50 Unltd talk+txt, supposedly everything stays the same - you just save $10. 



Far from the truth..


Immediately, after I updated it to the "new plan" I noticed my bars being low and I was barely getting service.. I didn't understand why so I restarted my phone and it was still doing the same thing.. I could be anywhere and  I would have one bar at the most.. sometimes two, but before you know it - its back to "No Service" - I used to just about NEVER loose service even at the worst locations....?!?!?


It was really irritating me to the point where I thought, well maybe there's just something wrong with the phone. I went ahead and restored all the settings, basically, updated the phone to its factory settings... started up... same thing!!?


Anyone - PLEASE!!!! HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM..................... 


(btw., I did hear the message said if I switch to this plan, that I will not be able to go back to the old plan, which was odd to begin with - just why would it say that in the 1st place..)


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Re: Problems: Switched to unlimited $50 from $60 unltd talk+txt

There's no way that your service could or would be diminished just from "upgrading" you plan...would it? That makes no sense to me. That should not have happened and nothing should have changed when you switched your plan from the $60 to $50 plan. I just don't get it...

Perhaps you could try a new SIM card? I don't think switching your plan would have affected your overall service and the number of bars your phone will get.

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