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Problem with the music player

Problem with the music player

For some reason, when trying to select an item in the music tab (such as an artist, album or song), my Pure has recently started jumping all the way to the bottom of whatever list I'm looking at when I select something, causing me to have to scroll all the way back up to wherever I was to continue browsing. This now happens every time I select something, but only in the music menu.


Anyone have any ideas about this?

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Re: Problem with the music player

Yeah, this is annoying.  I've noticed this too.  I'd also be curious if anyone has any tweaks, hacks, or hints.


I actually prefer the HTC music player to other options I've tried, since it is easily accessed right from the Today screen, has a simple interface, and sounds good.

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Re: Problem with the music player

Weird update, I just realized that for some reason, if you select the first item in a list, the player opens the menu normally, any other one though and it jumps.


Any ideas?

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