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Problem with syncing accounts.


Problem with syncing accounts.

Have the HTC Titan 4G and the phone displays 4G yet I keep getting an error when trying to sync my Hotmail and Twitter accounts.  The only way I can get them to sync is if I turn on my Wi-Fi here at home.  Is there some setting that somehow got messed up when I was messing around with stuff?  I've looked around but can't seem to see anything that would affect the sync process.  I keep getting error code 80072EFD.  What is going on?  On the Twitter sync, I get error code 0

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Re: Problem with syncing accounts.

I may possibly have hit on a solution to this problem.  I turned off Battery Saver and it sync'd immediately.  Not sure if all Windows Phone models have that, but the Titan does.  I'll monitor it to be sure it is the solution, at least in my case.

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