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Problem with LG Prime GoPhone


Problem with LG Prime GoPhone



I have the LG Prime GoPhone and I'm having some trouble with it. Nearly every day I can only send and recieve texts for about a couple hours when they suddenly stop, and I am unable to make any calls. I have noticed that if I take out the SIM card and let it sit for about 15 minutes that usually fixes the problem and I can send and receieve texts again. 


Also, the other day I had send a few texts and was charged 2 dollars for each one, when my plan has me only being charged 2 dollers per day. I made those texts to the same person I always do and they are always local. Could this be an issue with my SIM card? I am having the worst time trying to contact AT&T. I always get redirected to their GoPhone support which has nothing but common topics. 


If this is the SIM card giving me problems, is there any way to get a new one online? 



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Re: Problem with LG Prime GoPhone

You can reach a live customer service representative by choosing "more options" at the first menu prompt, then say "customer service" at all subsequent menu prompts.  Eventually the automated system will give up and connect you with an agent - and it sounds like that is really what you need in order to discuss the multiple issues you are having. 


It could be that there is a problem with your SIM card and/or account/network provisioning - as you should not be charged $2 for each SMS if you are absolutely certain they are being sent on the same calendar day.

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