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Problem with 3G plan!


Problem with 3G plan!

We have non-existant 3G in my area, and very very poor Edge service.  I bought 2GB 3G service to use with my iPad while we were on vacation out of state.  It worked very well for that week (but we had free wifi in the villa we stayed at, as well as at most of the venues we visited).  I had most of the 2GB plan left on returning home (gone 1 week), and found Edge service so lousy as to be unusable once back home (including at work!).  I tried to use it up----I was physically unable to use it on my iPad!  And I'm not talking streaming movies or anything, simply trying to connect to the internet to Google something, or to check my email.  It simply could not muster the oomph to even accomplish thos simple tasks.  AT&T did an automatic renewal for another 2GB of service, and literally the minute I saw the renewal email come, I canceled the service.  I received the cancellation confirmation email within 1 hour of the renewal email.  No worries, right?  When my next credit card statement arrived, I was dismayed to see I was charged $25 for the cancelled renewal.  My hubby said not to worry, they are probably just fast to charge and slow to refund, so we waited for the next statement.  No refund.  I looked and looked for a customer service number with no luck.  I called Information to get the phone number to our local AT&T store, and the number was disconnected.  I finally had to drive 7 miles to the store to ask them in person for a customer srvice number, and received it.  (Why make it so difficult to reach someone??)  So to make a long story short, the first customer service rep I spoke with told me there can be no refund as I cancelled my account.  Yes, of course I canceled my account as I did not want to pay for service that AT&T cannot provide in my location.  She argued with me that I had cancelled "incorrectly" and that would prevent me from receiving my refund.  I told her that when cancelling the service on your iPad, it makes no distinction in what method of cancellation to choose.  I told her of course I would choose to cancel entirely as I knew they would not be able to provide the service, and the iPad makes no indication that choosing one link over the other would result in being denied your refund.  She said there was no way it would mention anything about a refund.  (Is that because AT&T never plans to give you the refund?)  I asked for a supervisor.  More of the same baloney.  This supervisor (Tyrone) actually lied (LIED!!) and said my original email from AT&T clearly told me that I would have to cancel within 7 days before the renewal or I would be charged.  I pulled up the original email from AT&T on my laptop and read back to him exactly what it said:  that AT&T would charge my credit card approximately 2 hours before my renewal period is set to begin, and should I cancel after my card has been charged, but before the renewal period is set to begin, I can contact Customer Service to process my refund.  The renewal email was time stamped at 6:38 pm, and my cancellation confirmation email was time stamped at 7:14 pm (less than 1 hour later).  I met your terms to qualify to receive a refund.  Tyrone insisted over and over that I cannot receive a refund.  He sad after all AT&T has no idea whether or not in that less-than-1-hour period I might have used that 2GB of data.  That statement was beyond ridiculous.....of course AT&T knows exactly how much service any one iPad is using.  How else can they know when you have used up your alloted 2GB of data?  Of course they monitor and meter the service!   After going around and around with these ridiculous people for 45 minutes, I asked to speak to HIS supervisor, and was told there was no one else available to speak with.  I asked for an old-fashioned mailing address so I could write, then, and was gven one.  I thought I would try this forum for one last chance, and then if I am forced to write a letter to this next-level cusomer service rep, I will also be copying the letter (with accompanying emails) to our State Attorney General's office.  There is no way I can be charged for a second month of service (with no contract!) when AT&T could not even provide me with th remander of my first month's service once I returned home.  Why should I be forced to pay for what you cannot deliver?  I am so angry!  Please tell me these people were absent the day of their customer service training and are sorely misinformed of your own written policy (as evidenced by my emails)?  Can you help?                         

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Re: Problem with 3G plan!

I inadvertently cancelled and deleted my account with a 250MB plan just 2 days old.
I (stupid me) figured AT&T would let me use the balance of the 250MB (or 28 remaining days)

and then delete my account.

No they deleted theaccount and plan immediately and I lost my unused days and data.

I called and they said the policy was if the plan is in use even for one minute

there are no prorated refunds even if no data is actually consumed.

I chalked that one up to experience.

I should have just cancelled the plan and NOT deleted my account.

That lets the current plan run out and just prevents the auto-renew.

The account will hang around for 60 days in case I want to activate a

new data plan within that time frame.

I also learned the fictious phone number associated with the iPad changes

if your account gets deleted and you reactive it at a later date. Something worth

noting if you need to contact support.


Note: I am talking Prepaid here. Postpaid is a different animal.



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