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Private Number Blocking


Private Number Blocking

Is there a way to block private numbers from calling a wireless cell phone from AT&T? For example, my device is the LG Neon II (GW370), and I want to prevent private calls from calling me entirely. I know you can set the No Caller ID to silent, but it interferes with whatever I'm doing and it's annoying. I just don't want private calls to come in at all. I know you can do it on a landline, but can private calls be blocked from cell phones as well?

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Re: Private Number Blocking

No, you can not block all unknown calls/private calls with at&t's mobile service. You can how ever block specific numbers with certain features and devices.

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Re: Private Number Blocking

Actually you CAN block private numbers by calling you entirely, you must enroll in Smart Limits and it does allow blocking of all private and unknown numbers as well as certain numbers.



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Re: Private Number Blocking

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