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I would just like to say that I am very dissappointed in ATT. Why is it that my 12 yr old can't walk into a Wal-Mart and by a PG-13 movie but can walk into any RadioShack or anywhere for that matter and purchase a Go Phone without a parent? I do believe that there should be an age limit to who can or can not purchase a phone. If you do not have ID then you should not be allowed to purchase one. I think I will hire myself a lawyer so that this will not happen in the future to another parent.

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Re: Prepaid

Was there some sort of problem associated with this? Age restrictions and purchases are not up to AT&T, but to the seller/distrubutor of the product itself. Wherever the phone was bought, that is their terms and rules they choose to abide by; not AT&T's. The seller is in business to make money, anyway, no matter what age the customer purchasing the product they are selling may be. Perhaps you should take the seller's responsibilty into consideration instead of AT&T's...

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