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Prepaid plans for foreigner


Prepaid plans for foreigner


I will be visiting USA during this summer. I unlocked my phone so I can insert SIM card of any provider. My phone works on GSM / GPRS 900/1800/1900. I am looking for the cheapest offer to keep in touch with my family in Poland. Can I buy a something like a starer (a new SIM card, with new number) in a supermarket? How to activate this service ? I do not want to buy a new phone, and I do not want to sign any contract.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Prepaid plans for foreigner

You can obtain a new SIM and fund your prepaid account by visiting a local at&t store once you arrive - imo, that's the easiest way to handle it.  AFAIK, at&t does not sell "starter" SIMs in supermarkets, etc. - you'll have to visit an at&t or an authorized retailer.  You don't have to purchase a new phone or sign a contract to obtain prepaid service.


That said, if your existing device does not also support the 850 mhz frequency, you may have coverage issues with at&t's service.  They use both the 850 and 1900 mhz GSM bands.  Plus, at&t no longer offers "Pick Your Plan" prepaid service - only the "Pay as You Go" type is available for new customers.

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Re: Prepaid plans for foreigner

is there any other possibility to call cheap to Poland on prepaid service?

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