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Prepaid card purchase for visitor


Prepaid card purchase for visitor

Hi, I 'm new here, and in 3 weeks time to visit the USA on vacation.

For this purpose I bought a new quad band GSM with provision for a dual SIM


Make: Alcatel 918D, a brand new model.

I would like to purchase a prepaid SIM for use in the US, primarily to contact hotels and the like, and ATT has been recommended to me.

How do I go about this?

The 'phone is unlocked, so any card would work I guess?

Where to buy; I'm in Atlanta for a night stopover, then fly to Houston TX; are there ATT shops at airports?

Or where would be the best place to buy?

Must this be from an ATT shop, or perhaps available from Wallmart or so?


Many questions, but I would like small tutorial to use my own phone "over-there"

Many thanks


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Re: Prepaid card purchase for visitor


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Re: Prepaid card purchase for visitor

I guess I need to look for a different company/telephone provider........


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