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Premier discount discontinued?


Premier discount discontinued?

Hi all, I went to check back the premier store to see if have iPhone 4 already (they do but it's out of stock Smiley Frustrated), to my surprise they put on a note reading that iPhone 4 is not eligible for any corporation discount/promotions. Then I went trying to add another cellphone (like a Samsung sliding phone), until I reached the confirming order page I did not see any discount on my selected plan (used to be 20% off on voice plan).


Does that suggest the 20% promotion is now over? (Snap! AT&T)

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Re: Premier discount discontinued?

Premiere discounts are negotiated by your company and are not set by ATT.  They are not standard from company to company.

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Re: Premier discount discontinued?

The discount you receive is off your monthly service charges for COVERED FEATURES and PLANS. The discount doesn't apply for new phone upgrades. If there is an instance where this is possible, when searching via the OLAM, it'll just show the price after your discount automatically instead of the original price and then your discounted price.


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Re: Premier discount discontinued?

The iPhone is ineligible for discounts unless I am mistaken.  It said so on my order page when I ordered my iPhone.  You get a discount on the data usage, but not the phone or the line of service.

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Re: Premier discount discontinued?

Yea, with my discount i get 65% off of devices if i buy them without a contract (comes out to around the subsidized pricing) and i get 20% of services, but no CORP/FAN discount is going to discount the iphone, and like said before, your discount is agreed between your company and att, your company may have changed its discount agreements....


I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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