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Premier Order Status Vs. My ATT Order Status


Premier Order Status Vs. My ATT Order Status

Hi all,


This is my first time posting. While I don't want to stress too much about this, I was hoping someone could help me clarify something. I have never bought an iPhone on launch day. My old iPhone is the 3Gs, so it was time for a new one.


I bought two iPhones on Friday, October 7. I used the Premier site.....and I got two confirmation emails saying that all was good with the confirmation number. When I check the status today, it says "Received with a check, Preorder with a check, and it is still on that step. This is on the Premier site.  It also says my order was placed October 7, but updated October 8. If I go in through, and click on my orders,  it says "Pending Shipment and In Progress" and it says date ordered October 8. But, I didn't order it October 8. I have called to speak with them about this and received different answers. One of which was that the Premier Site is different and they have an iPhone assigned to me.


Bottom line is, I don't know when ATT has my order date. However, I have two emails from 5:03 and 5:11 AM PST on Friday. I am  not sure what update meant, but really hope that my order is in the first  batch. It all seems weird.....if I ordered on October 7 why would it say October 8th on ATT, MY Orders page.....but October 7th on the Premier site.


Anyways, venting, looking for advice....maybe someone who has had the same experience?




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Re: Premier Order Status Vs. My ATT Order Status

If you order through Premier, you need to check your order status through Premier only. Premier and normal AT&T seem to be separate systems for some reason and don't seem talk to each other correctly.

The same thing happened with the iPhone 4. The Premier site and links have your correct info. Don't worry about what the regular AT&T site says if you ordered through Premier
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Re: Premier Order Status Vs. My ATT Order Status

I've had the same experience and share the same concerns.  Premier website and premier confirmation email say one thing (order date of 10/7), while the site says another (order date of 10/8).  


I called ATT customer service this morning and was told due to the large volume of orders received on 10/7, there was a backlog in processing the orders.  The rep also stated that I should be receiving my 4s with the initial shipment.


Could a forum moderator or ATT rep comment on this?  Why does the Premier site show a different order number and order date from the regular site?



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