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Pre-Paid Go-Phone Text charges.


Pre-Paid Go-Phone Text charges.


I tried to send this to AT&T via email, but there isn't a general complaint option.
I chose the pre-paid cards contact area to send my email. However, even though there was apparently characters left, it refused to post the email. So I'll ask here.
We were told by 2 on-line agents that $5 texting (200 texts) was available for pre-paid phones, and also told by another that was only available for contract plans (just before I was about to place an order potentially costing me $45 a month more than I thought!). 
Which is correct? Or rather, where on the site clarifies this? 
Here's the pre-paid go-phone phone page. 
Click on 'Learn More', add to cart, then add plan at which point you can see a Simple Rate Plan. There's this text;
Unlimited − $19.99/month† (optional)
So what did the 'optional' mean? That I didn't have to have unlimited texting? Maybe that I could select another text plan, but how? When I got to check out there was no way to specify a texting option. Hence the on-line chats.
Here's one of the chats my wife had;
You are now chatting with Cynthia Z., an AT&T sales representative.
Cynthia Z.: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support.  How may I assist you with placing your order today?
amy: can you tell me, do you offer $5 texting (200 Messages) on the prepaid go phones
Cynthia Z.: I would be happy to help you with that today. Yes, we have our Messaging 200 for $4.99 with pre-paid plans available.
amy: when you select the simple rate plan how do you select the 4.99 text plan
Cynthia Z.: You can add a text plan through customer care once you activate thee phone.


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Re: Pre-Paid Go-Phone Text charges.

All the available GoPhone plans and text/data features are described here (you may need to enter a zip code to get through).  The feature packages are at the very bottom of the page.


This is what it shows for messaging:

200 messages $4.99/mo

1000 messages $9.99/mo

Unlimited $19.99/mo


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