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Power LED on Momentum 4G is red. What's wrong?


Power LED on Momentum 4G is red. What's wrong?

This has happened several times since I installed the unit on a Cradlepoint router a couple of weeks ago. It worked great at first, giving me 3-4 bars on the Cradlepoint's indicator. About a week later, internet access stopped working. The power LED on the Momentum 4G was red, the signal LED was off. I power-cycled the Cradlepoint and after several minutes of flashing, they settled down with two blue LEDs on the Momentum, 3 bars on the Cradlepoint. Internet was working again. Unfortunately, that didn't last long. The next morning, internet was gone and the Momentum's power LED was red again. Restarting didn't bring it back up this time. I found the charts listing the LED colors and their meaning, but red is not listed. Does anyone know what it means? I'm sure it's not good, but what exactly does it indicate, and what can I do to remedy whatever it is that's wrong. Is the unit faulty? Is the Cradlepoint at fault? Any guidance would be much appreciated!



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Re: Power LED on Momentum 4G is red. What's wrong?

Red lights are usually never good things. Smiley Happy


My first thought is to try it without the Cradlepoint router. That would be a great indication of where the issue lies. If the issue persists without the Cradlepoint router in place, we know it's something with the Momentum (setting, sim card, hardware) that's causing the issue. 


If it works great without the Cradlepoint, there's your answer!


Here's a link to some fairly extensive "trouble connecting to the internet" troubleshooting steps that may be of some assistance:


If none of this helps or you find the issue persists with the Cradlepoint router removed, please send me a private message with your name, account number, phone number and the best time to contact you and we'll go from there. 

As an aside, I took at look at the indicator light article and you're right; it doesn't have an entry for a solid red light. I'll pass that on to the right team and see if we can get that updated. Thanks for the heads up!

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