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Possible work around for location accuracy


Possible work around for location accuracy

Hi all, I have been reading some of the issues with location accuracy and I think I have found a slight improvment to the location detection.


I have an iPhone 3G, and have signed my son on for tracking through the family map. His phone is also an iPhone 3G. We live in the Atlanta, GA area. I also downloaded the ATTfamilymap app specific for the iPhone. Now from the iPhone I logged into the app and then clicked the icon for my son to begin location process. After about 15 seconds the map came up showing about a 500 yard to 1 mile "huge" blue radius. Not too good when looking for him for after school activities. However, if I click the "relocate" button right after the first location, it would refresh to a deadon location! In other words for example, I knew for a fact that he was at a certain Burger King up the road. The first location gave me a broad location of him being in a general region. Upon the second "relocate" it then put his icon directly above the Burger King store, right where I knew he was. I have done this a number of times...example...a sleepover the other night. I knew exactly which friend's house he was staying at. The first login and "locate" put the radius in about a 1 mile blue bubble...a number of subdivisions to look at. Not very helpful. However, when I clicked "relocate" immediately after that initial location, the bubble icon now placed him exactly within about 25 yards of the exact house!


I post this because although it is an annoyance to refresh a couple of times when it should post the initial location accurately at least I am able to make use of the familymap in this way.


Now if you are locating through the online website. I found the refresh rate was accurate on the third try. So login, click on the family member icon to locate, it locates within a mile or locate again, get a bit better within a few hundred yards, click a third time for Locate and boom it is spot on accurate over the location. Again, I verified with the "sleepover" test, knowing the exact address that my son was at.


Again, not a great app but for those that need a work around this would seem to work. I post in the hopes that ATT will see this and do some QA testing on this and see why it will not "zero in" on someone at the first try.




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Re: Possible work around for location accuracy

Thank you for posting this.  We use the relocate all of the's still pretty intermittant..sometimes it finds the father in law closer, sometimes not even after 5+ times. 


As far as ATT fixing this...well...the forum has been griping about the accuracy for over a year and the answer is pretty much the signed a contract..if you do not want the service don't buy it. 

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Re: Possible work around for location accuracy

I dont see a "relocate" button on the web page or when i go to the web page on my Iphone 3GS.  where is it? i'm also looking for the app to install. what is it called?

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