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Possible Specs For The Galaxy SIII LEAKED!

Possible Specs For The Galaxy SIII LEAKED!

i said POSSIBLE. not sure i believe it. i thought they  would announce the LTE version before 3.

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Re: Possible Specs For The Galaxy SIII LEAKED!

First of all, I think it's quite funny that Samsung is already WAY ahead of AT&T (and Sprint) here with the name of "Galaxy S III". AT&T just got the Galaxy S II and now a S III release is already being anticipated. AT&T must pick up the pace here...who knows how long it's going to take for AT&T to release this to us...

Comments on the phone: to me, it's unattractive; WAY too big for my liking. I would actually classify it as a miniature tablet. The Galaxy S II's size is large, but much more appealing to my eyes. As for the S III's camera, this would be something to look forward to. I wonder how nice of pictures it would take.

Even if this info is just a fib, thanks for sharing!

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Re: Possible Specs For The Galaxy SIII LEAKED!

Pretty sure it's fake because...what. I'm still using computers with specs like this. I have a 1280 by 1024 monitor for a different computer than the one I'm using, that computer has 1 gb ram and a single core processor, this computer has a 2.1 GHz quad core processor. That a phone pretty much matches the power of these full sized computers is insane.
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Re: Possible Specs For The Galaxy SIII LEAKED!

Don't forget that the S2 has been out for about a year (outside the US) and passed 10 million sets sold before US carriers "debuted" the phone this Oct.


By the way, crippling features available on non-US phones seems to be de rigueur for ATT. Non-US S1 also had FM radio, as well as front facing camera, both of which were stripped from US models. The US market has been blatantly manipulated by Apple's agreements with the US carriers. Why else would ATT's v of S2 screen size be reduced, except as a ploy to reduce competition with iPhone. The other US carriers S2's are also somewhat crippled, albeit not as drastically as ATT's.


ATT was broken up a few decades back for exactly this kind of monopolistic behavior. Now they're back together and bigger than ever, and we "consumers" sheepishly just continue to hand them money. Some of us, anyway . . .

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