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Positive Suggestion! Allowing increments for Auto Pay that match plans & plan combinations.


Positive Suggestion! Allowing increments for Auto Pay that match plans & plan combinations.

I was trying to be a good fellow today and set up my plan with a data feature for Auto Renewal and Auto Pay. I ran into difficulties and after first being put on hold for 45min and then support from Customer Service, the effort failed. I am on the $50 Unlimited Talk & Messaging plan. There is a Auto Deduction and Transfer to account for that amount set up for the day before the renewal takes place. I am also on the $15 100Mb data plan and there is no corresponding auto deduction/transfer for that amount. Likewise there is no autodedution/transfer for $65 to cover both. It was suggested that in addition to my automatic $50 monthly that I make an additional quarterly transfer of an $50 manually since those would be good for 90days and just not worry about wasting the $5 (3monthsx$15=$45 which is $5 less than $50). The other suggestion was to just remember on the renewal date, be inside the US (not on international travel) and just sign up for the plan every month on the same date to ensure that the unused minutes will roll over (I have already lost using this method 100s of megabytes of unused minutes only to the next month have to pay $10s of dollars again because usuage spiked).

Implementation of auto deduction/transfer/pay/renewal for the amount of the plan with features seems to be a fairly simple and straight forward need. Wouldn't you agree?


I would appreciate a response and if you need to contact me directly, my email and phone contacts are in my profile.

Thank you.


Sincerly, Philip Elliott 

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