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Porting unlocked T-mobile Huwei Comet Phone to AT&T


Porting unlocked T-mobile Huwei Comet Phone to AT&T

After much talking with AT&T technical support I was going to give up and send back my new SIM card, but I got it working. Here is the story.


I have a T-mobile Huwei Comet pay as you go  that I used to roam onto AT&T networks during frequent travel outside of T-mobile coverage. In December data roaming was cancelled without notice. After many hours with T-mobile support that was the outcome. So T-mobile gave me the unlock code and I bought an AT&T SIM on the web and unlocked and activated the phone. The phone worked fine but no data. After much time with technical support from AT&T and an attempt to give me an APN to type in it still didn't work. But I have found that minimal info is needed for the data to work. Just go into


Wireless & networks

Mobile Networks

Access Point Names

Then add a new APN with the following:


  • Name: ATT WAP
  • APN:  wap.cingular

 Everything else should be left blank or unchanged.


Go to menu and Save.


Then Back up to Network operators and pick AT&T. This step may not be necessary. Maybe you just need to turn the phone off and on again. Anyway, that is it, and it now works.


Ron {Personal content removed for your safety}

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Re: Porting unlocked T-mobile Huwei Comet Phone to AT&T

Thanks for the great info! I'm glad you were able to resolve this and appreciate you posting the steps to save someone else the trouble. 


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Re: Porting unlocked T-mobile Huwei Comet Phone to AT&T

That should be Huawei Comet
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