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Porting a number


Porting a number

I know this has been posted 100's of times but can't find what i'm looking for!


Ok i'm getting a Old At&t phone from my brother so i went and picked up a new att 3g/4g sim card did everything (filled in all my info) and i'm good to go but it never did ask me a anything about keeping or porting another number! So they gave me a new number! Soooo i was wanting to know how do i go about porting my old Boost mobile number over to At&t? I have all my info to port the number..account info and numbers! Can't get in touch with a live person to get this worked out! I really need get my number ported over...cause i use this number for work!


Thanks to everyone that could help

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Re: Porting a number

Call GoPhone Customer Service on 1-800-901-9878 M-F 7am-10pm, Sa-Su 9am-7pm.  The AVR-tron will ask for your wireless number.  Enter the new GoPhone number that AT&T assigned you.  At the next prompt, select "more options."  Once you get to the "more options" menu, say "agent" or press '0'.  A support agent will help you port your old number from Boost Mobile.

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