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Porting Fee


Porting Fee

I just transferred over from Verizon to AT&T for the new iPhone and I ported my old number from Verizon (including my finance's number as well since we both changed to att into a family plan). I just received my 1 st bill and it has these two extra phone numbers with taxes and fees charge on them. when i called cust rep they told me those charges are there because in order to port over a number they need to create a # for att first. Is this true? Did anyone else get charged with this fee for porting over?

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Re: Porting Fee

There is no fee because porting. Just the activation  fee  36.00 primary line  and 26 secondary line.  And yes when porting att create temporal numbers that once the port is complete will be replace with your port numbers, but confirm that the temporal numbers are alredy cancel them shouldnt appear in the invoice . Call again to customer service  8003310500


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