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Poor Performance All Around For My 3G MicroCell


Poor Performance All Around For My 3G MicroCell

My worse problem with the 3G MicroCell is that while on a call, it all of a sudden acts like I have a weak signal and the other party can not hear me any longer. 


This happens everyday intermittently with most of my calls.   I use my phone pretty much all day long and some days I just want to fling it against the wall.  It is almost like I do not have a 3G MicroCell and am relying on the tower signal, which can come and go.


Isn't the 3G MicroCell supposed to boost the signal so that I always have a good signal?  When others complain that they can not hear me, I always look at my iPhone 4's display and it shows 5 bars and that I am connected to the 3G MicroCell.


I also have the same problems, as other posts state in this forum, with my phone taking 30 seconds or longer to dial, if it even does, and with it sometimes kicking me off of the 3G MicroCell.


I'm about ready to put my 3G MicroCell up for sale in the local paper and buy a Wilson booster and antenna.


Thanks for letting me vent.


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Re: Poor Performance All Around For My 3G MicroCell

Have you tried turning off cellular data on your iPhone?  That solved both the problems you described for me.  


I set a reminder to turn cellular data on when I leave the house... and one to turn off when I return to the house.  Kind of a pain, but my cellphone reception in my basement is worth it.



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Re: Poor Performance All Around For My 3G MicroCell

I have turned off my cellular, with mixed results.  Sometimes it seems to help and other times it does not.


Another problem I have when turning off cellular data is that I miss more calls and they will not show up in my voicemail until I turn cellular back on.


Remembering to check my message and to turn cellular back on is a pain, for sure.




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Re: Poor Performance All Around For My 3G MicroCell

Assuming the MicroCell is still under warranty, take it in for a replacement.  I did this with mine and it fixed a lot of issues.  

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Re: Poor Performance All Around For My 3G MicroCell

It's not you, everyone has these problems.


Whenever a call successfully goes though (which ususally requires multiple redials), then whenever I'm on a call the persons on the other end of the line constantly complain that I'm cutting in and out (like a distorted voice, or sometimes as if I were in a submarine). This seems to occur every 5-10 mintues. I have 2 microcells, one in LA and one in NYC. Both have100% reliable internet connections and none of my other internet services have any issues. Just these microcells. I've seen everyone else complain of the same problem (failed calls, flakey connection etc). When is At&t going to fix this problem???

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Re: Poor Performance All Around For My 3G MicroCell

Exactly what I experience!


I wonder what would happen if everyone would send their MicroCells back to AT&T?  Even though you'd be out the money you spent, maybe AT&T would get the message that they do not work properly.


It would be worth it for me, just to send a strong message.  My contract is up here soon anyway and I will probably switch to Verizon or someone else anyway, even though all the major companies really only care about making money over customer support. 

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Re: Poor Performance All Around For My 3G MicroCell

The Microcell is a piece of crap (and I'm being kind...)


I wish I had found this forum before buying mine...fortunately I found it well before the end of my 30 days and it helped convince me to return it for a refund.


And yes, my cell phone service now sucks, but at least it's dependably undependable, rather than undependably undependable.

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Re: Poor Performance All Around For My 3G MicroCell

Unfortunately I was not so lucky.  


I think I'm going to get a Wilson booster antenna and getting rid of the MicroCell.

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Re: Poor Performance All Around For My 3G MicroCell

My MicroCell acts the same as everyone is saying on this board.  I had originally thought it was the phone which I swapped out twice.  ATT also said it could have been my SIM card which was swapped out twice.  Working backwards knowing it's not the phone now is the MicroCell.  I spoke with Tech Support several times and they said that if the outside tower signal fluctuates and you have 3 or more bars of signal, the MicroCell will fight with the outside tower and you will have garbled voice, dropped calls etc.  I asked for a solution to their problem and was told there was no solution.  This is how the technology works.  In my opinion the technology is not working if the person I talk to can't hear me.  ATT can't keep a steady exterior signal and their fix doesn't work either.  I never have a problem for years when I had Verizon.  Now that I changed jobs and have to use ATT it's nothing but issues.  The executive office is having the same issues and now I'm pushing them to change everyone out to Verizon and a provider that works.  It will be over 100 phones.  I think everyone should change providers and maybe that would send a message to the ATT board that they have a problem.  It is rediculous.

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Re: Poor Performance All Around For My 3G MicroCell

I agree, it is ridiculous!


I wish everyone who is having this issue with their 3G MicroCell would, at a minimum, email or write a letter to AT&T demanding that AT&T should come up with a fix or solution for us.  They surly have the money and technology to do it, but I guess it is not worth it to them, because they pretty much have us by the tails.


I too am going to switch carriers once my contract is up and it will probably be Verizon.



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