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Poor Customer Service & Communication Skills


Poor Customer Service & Communication Skills

I'd like to first start off by saying that it is absurd you have to create another log in username to post a forum. 


Anyways, we have been loyal customers to AT&T for nearly 10 years and have never encountered a problem such as we have now. On Wednesday, June 15, 2011, we attempted to place an order online to upgrade a phone on our family plan. Online it said we could upgrade the phone to a Blackberry Torch for only $0.01 and we tried to. It would not allow the order to go through and kept saying that our credit card information was invalid. Getting this phone was of extreme importance to us, and a job depended on getting this phone. We finally called AT&T and asked to speak to someone about this problem. The thing is, the phone was for my boyfriend but he wasn't an authorized user in the contract. We wanted to see if we could place the order and pay the fee of 1 penny to my credit card. Also, the authorized account users are located in another state so it would take far too much time for them to get the phone in a retail store, have the store ship it to them, then them to us. We needed this sorted out ASAP. After being on hold on and off again for over 45 minutes, being passed to several people, we were finally able to place the order. With each person we confirmed that we could use my credit card and the order would be valid. Every single time we were told yes. By nearly 9pm that night we thought everything was done and over with. The employee that took the order re-capped all of the info, told us it would be a free 2-Day shipping and should be here by today, Friday the 17th or tomorrow the 18th. Last night and earlier today we attempted to view the shipping status of the phone and every time we checked it said to wait 24 hours and that nothing was there. 

We finally called again. To much disappointment AT&T had cancelled our order without our consent or informing us. Their excuse? My credit card was not acceptable because it was a third party card, and that we were unauthorized users and for security reasons they cancelled the order. We did not receive any email, text, call, or anything to let us know of this. They were just going to let it happen. We spoke to two people and they both were clueless as to what happened. 


My issue is, if you're going to confirm someone's order, take their credit card information, and send a phone, DO IT.  

AT&T's solution? Told us to tell the account holder to go to a retail store, explain the situation to them and that they have to sell us the phone for one penny, place the order, receive the phone, then she, herself, has to personally mail the phone to us. OR she authorizes my boyfriend, he goes to a retail store, places the order, and has to wait another few days to receive the phone. They told us as well, she wouldn't be able to authorize my boyfriend as an account user over the phone for security reasons. Two days later and this is what we get. Completely unacceptable.


And now, they tell us that they are out of the color we want. 



Some messed up {language filter evasion}. 

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Re: Poor Customer Service & Communication Skills

It is unfortunate that you were given incorrect information to begin with re: your ability to order the phone when you aren't an authorized user on the account; and it's also unfortunate that there is such a time lag involved in resolving the issue since the account holder is not in your immediate area. 


But there are very good reasons why only an authorized user on the account can make changes/purchase new equipment, etc., and why the addition of your boyfriend (or you) as an authorized user has to be made in person.  Sorry - but as an account owner who is responsible for all charges on my account, outside of the misinformation you were initially given I don't view what you experienced as "poor" customer service - I view it as stellar customer service.  Smiley Happy

There must be a happy medium somewhere between being totally informed and blissfully unaware.

     - Doug Larson

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