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Poor Coverage Skiing in Breckenridge and Vail


Poor Coverage Skiing in Breckenridge and Vail

We just returned from a trip in Breckenridge and Vail.  Our coverage was very poor we could not make calls. Most time I had signal and could call out but I got voicemail. Calling from a Blackberry Curve to a Samsung Propel. Both phones show 4 bars but calling went to voicemail 3 out of 4 calls we were standing 4 meters apart in the test.  My wife's Samsung propel would not even call out showing 4 bars. Calling from the Blackberry Bold to a blackberry curve at Vail produced a one way call.  The Bold could not hear the curve audio. This happened several times and I even swapped phones because I didn't believe my son.  Text messages took 1/2 hour to show up on some phones (I sent to all 3 of my family members and they got the messages spread out over the 1/2 hour. )


We met many people with AT&T plans that were unhappy. Most had IPhones.   My wife called AT&T to complain and they tried to tell her how to use her phone.  The representative had the gall to tell my wife well you made 17 calls this week whne she asked ofr a week credit.  And my wife explained yes but they ended with us saying I can't hear you or going to voice mail plus we were trying several times to make a single call.  In other words we were treated like children. I work in telecommunications and I know the service where I live is totally different than the service we got there.  It turns out we were in Breck and Vail in Feb. of 2007 and we have very little issues.  Sometime the signal was not there.  And our batteries were much poorer but we made lots of successful calls when the signals were there but that was Verizon.


So how do you get satisfaction with AT&T or do we just have to switch?


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Re: Poor Coverage Skiing in Breckenridge and Vail

As a Breckenridge resident I have the same issues with ATT. During the busy weeks in the winter and summer many calls fail and voicemails only come through sporadically. ATT is not doing anything about the coverage issue and many friends have switched to Verizon. I am canceling my service and switching to Verizon too. Even though it is a repeated issue ATT will still charge me an early termination fee. This blows my mind and will probably stop me from ever going back to ATT.

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