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Poor 3G availability


Poor 3G availability

Not too happy with AT&t, right now.

I have wanted to upgrade to an iPhone since they came out with them. But couldn't justify the upgrade until 3G would finally be in my area. Well, iPhone 4 release has now come and gone and 3G is still nowhere to be seen on the AT&T network in my area. Which is quite sad actually, given that my brother with a verizon Droid has had 3G since it came out and will now even be getting 4G!!! Sorry AT&T but if you are going to charge extortionate amounts for smart phones the least you could do is give us the 3G to use them on.... Looks like I'll be getting a 4G Verizon Droid soon... 7 year customer down the drain, cause they can't keep up....

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